Tuesday, December 27, 2005

To chat or not to chat, that is the question...

I’ve said over and over again that I am not a very “social” person. Believe it or not, I am VERY shy. I don’t even like to talk to strangers, which is why it’s really curious that I have an account in every single one of the most used messenger and email services.
I first started years back with ICQ. I then opened an account on AIM (my first email was on Netscape and it was somehow connected to it). Then I escalated to MSN Messenger and Yahoo messenger. Then I opened a .Mac account and had an iChat account and finally a Google Talk account. Using Adium at home, I am usually connected to all of them (when my computer is on, that is). Most of my contacts are in MSN Messenger, a few (like 4) on AIM and iChat, none on Yahoo or ICQ, but I still log on to all of them.
With this blog thing there’s a bunch of people that have added me to their MSN Messenger. At first I did not accept their request, but then I decided I had to be social and fight against my shyness, so I started accepting their requests.
I must admit I’ve met some interesting people online. Most of the are usually very nice and a pleasure to chat with (whenever I chat, which is not that often due to work reasons or because I’m away, and when I’m away it means “I ain’t here” (those of you who’ve tried to contact me at home when I’m “away” know what that means…)).
On the other hand, I’ve also met some weird characters, some of them even scary. In all these cases, a common denominator is that these men (because it’s always men, I dunno why) usually start on the wrong foot. They are always “too eager” to be friends and always start flirting with me for no reason at all. Come on guys! You don’t know me and you start calling me “mi amor”, asking me for a pic or my phone number and all that? What’s wrong with you?
Anyways, for your amusement, here are some of my favorite stories:

Shotgun guy:
There was this guy that lives here in the DR, on some little town. At first this guy was very nice. He insistently asked for my pic (it annoys the hell out of me when people ask for my pic) and then he sent me his. Granted he was not Brad Pitt (not even a far relative), but I’ve learned not to judge people by their looks. Maybe in this case I should’ve… The guy kept on sending me pics and asking me for my phone number. I am very jealous of my private information, so I just don’t give it to every John Doe that asks for it, even more if I just know that person from messenger. Then the guy starts hitting on me. Majorly hitting. It was disgusting the way he was hitting on me. I politely declined his comments. He kept on asking me out and asking me for my number, and I politely declined but he kept insisting. Out of the blue, one day on his messenger his display pic was one of him with a shotgun. He started talking to me and I obviously asked him about it. He said it was his baby (he had even named it) and that he always kept it by his side for protection reasons. He told me that if I wanted to he could bring it on his next trip to the city so I could meet it on our “date”.
So long sucker! Block and delete for you!

Group predator:
I don’t know if you have ever received it, but locally there’s an email that has been going around for a couple of years now from this lady that lost a son to a drunk driver. This lady has made it her crusade to preach about the life and death of her son, which I find very commendable. The problem is that I kept receiving her mails on all my accounts several times a day, and they were huge (usually more than 1 Mb long because she kept on sending pics of her son in different stages of his life, the car he lost his life in and the drunk driver, and this was when I had only 2Mb on hotmail). It got to a point that it became annoying, so I just blocked every single email she sent it from. I’m very sorry m’am, I understand your crusade but your mails were clogging mine and important work stuff was being bounced due to your mails.
Anyways, a few weeks back I received an invitation to join an MSN group this lady had opened (she deserves an award, she is persistent as hell, but I understand she’s doing this for a cause). Out of pity (I really don’t know why I did it), I joined the group (maybe that way she’d stop sending me her emails). The following day I received a buddy request from a stranger, which I accepted (I just don’t learn my lesson, do I?). This person starts talking to me and asking me if I knew email-lady, telling me he got my email from her group and that he knew email-lady and that she was in his city the other day and that he is friends with her family (like I care). I tell him I don’t know her, that I just joined the group because I received the invitation and that I had received her email like a thousand times and was actually a little annoyed by it.
The next thing this person did was ask me for my pic (ugh!), give me his numbers, ask me for my numbers and tell me that I was his love. WTF? Don’t tell me you love me when you don’t even know what my name is! Don’t ask me for my number! Don’t give me your numbers ‘cause I won’t call a complete stranger out of the blue! I have nothing in common with you aside from the fact that I was stupid enough to join a group that annoyed me from the get-go! This dude starts sending me pics of him and his family! He’s a divorced ugly old man who has kids almost my age (I have nothing against old men, don’t get me wrong). I mean, his family was ghettoliciously Dominican (I’m sorry, I don’t dig that way), with a bunch of bling, over-sized pants and “peladas calientes”. He sent me a pic of all of them dancing reguetón (ugh!). He started calling me “mi amor”, “mi chula”, “mami” “mamasota” and all that crap. And then almost ordered me to give me him my numbers and my address so he could come visit me!
So long sucker! Block and delete for you!

Spanish hot mami?
I hadn’t logged on to my ICQ account in years (literally years), so last week I decided to check and see if I remembered my password, which I did. Suddenly, out of the blue, like 5 conversation windows opened at the same time. Complete strangers once more! Since I was not really in the mood to talk to these people (how did they find out about me?), I just logged off. Last Friday though, when I got home I logged on to every account (the computer does it all by itself). The same thing happened; complete strangers started talking to me. Since I wasn’t close to my computer for the most part of the weekend, I spoke to no one.
It was very sad to see how many lonely people are online. Apparently ICQ is now like a blind date service, where people just contact you out of the blue. I must have received like 30 conversation requests from people all over the world, asking me what I was doing, if I was ok (was I not to begin with?), where I came from, my name, etc... One that really caught my attention was one from somebody who told me that he was “looking for a hot Spanish mamasita to have some sexy fun with, you wanna?” Dude, I am not Spanish! And even if I was, do you actually think I would want to have some sexy fun with a complete stranger?
Incredibly, most of these conversations were on X-Mass eve. I know that some of these people were from the other side of the world (one of the guys was Italian or so he said: “hola, soy italiano, quieres ser mi amiga especial?”), but why aren’t you spending these special holidays with your family instead of being in front of a computer, trying to get strangers to put out????
What the hell is wrong with people?
Is there any way to block conversation requests from strangers in icq?
Now you know, you can add me to you MSN Messenger, AIM, iChat account, Yahoo, Google Talk or ICQ messengers, but don’t call me “love”, “mami” “chula”, “mi amor”, mamasita”, “mi cielo” or any of those lowly names. Do not ask me out, don’t flirt with me, don’t ask me for my numbers or my address or give me yours or insistently for my pics. This is all about respect. Treat me as a Princess. Treat me like a lady and then MAYBE I won’t block and delete you!


cloklis said...

I have been very fortunate with the whole chatting experience. I started chatting way back, when the only internet connection you could get was AACR(now centennial).

This mind sound like im a loser, but the people who I call my best friends, my friends, who go to my house all the time and hang out 24/7 I met online. I met 2 of my best friends online, Gabriela and Kiki. That's when MIRC was the best next thing.

You're not lucky girl :P Tienes que darte un baño de agua bendita para alejar todos esos males que te persiguen.


Ariel said...

si hay algo que lamento es que este post no fue mas largo pues me parecen muy divertidas las experiencias que has tenido…

“Soporto” ver las fotos de la familia del tipo que tiene "bling, over-sized pants and “peladas calientes”." solo por cultura general :D

Unknown said...

A mí me paso que (no me preguntes cómo porque no me acuerdo), me llegó una solicitud de un tipo en MSN y yo la acepté. Pues pasó mucho tiempo y a veces el me hablaba y a veces no, se conectaba tan poco que a mí se me había olvidado que estaba ahí. Pues un día,s e pone a hablarme y después de un conocido rodeo (como tanteándome, tú sabes), me dice que el está buscando una mujer para tener una "relación íntima física".... vaya eufemismo. Yo le digo que no em interesa, no me interesa. Y él parece que entiende. No pasa 1 hora e insiste "pero vamos a conocernos, a vernos". "Tú estás buscando algo difrente a mí, sigue tu camino". Al otro día: "cuándo es que nos vamos a juntar?"...."No mi hermano, que no me interesa!!!!!!". Yo no entiendo, si es que el español no lo comprenden. Claro está que DELETE/BLOCK ipso facto.

Anonymous said...

Dudette! Sorry if I've offended you. I did put you as a contact in my messenger. If you need/want to I'll delete it right away.


Bracuta said...

José: No te apures, ni siquiera me has hablado. No estoy en contra de que me agreguen, estoy en contra de los "tú eres el amor de mi vida" "mamasota" y "chula", sobre todo de alguien que ni siquiera sabe como yo me llamo y que ha intercambiado 5 frases o menos conmigo. No te voy a block/delete. Y me puedes hablar, no hay problema; si no respondo es que no puedo, no por nada malo.
Recuerden todos que generalmente yo NUNCA comienzo una conversación por messenger (me da verguenza), así que no piensen que soy una pesada. Si me ven online y libre, tienen toda la libertad de hablarme.
BTW, sabían ustedes que mi nombre NO ES Bracuta?