Tuesday, January 31, 2006

On why friends don’t let friends dial drunk and how one phone call can make your day.

As I got in my radio-less car to drive myself to where I was meeting my friend, I was trying to calm down so I wouldn’t be a horrible companion. When I sat down with my buddy, I started bitching about my life and my existence. We were sharing similar experiences when suddenly she received a phone call from an unknown number.
Before I start this I must say that the night before we had had a little bit too much to drink (we ended up having tequila shots, so you can tell by that). Apparently my friend was drunker than I had thought, because at one moment she went to the bathroom and took her cellphone with her (we had confiscated it so that she couldn’t call her ex), and she made “the call”. Sadly, or happily, he didn’t answer so we thought no harm was done (aside from him seeing her number on his caller ID).
Back to her getting the call. When she saw “number unavailable” on her caller ID, she started wondering who was calling her (most of her friends live abroad, so getting a long distance call is normal for her). When she finally answered, she had this “who is this?” look on her face as she said “hello”. Suddenly, she underwent a transfiguration and her second “hello” was all happy and giddy. Yep, he had her at hello. It was “him” calling back. He didn’t even ask why she had called; he just called her back and started talking. They spoke for like 20 minutes while I analyzed her reactions. You could just see the love coming out of her pores. Her hands were shaking, her eyes were fluttery, her smile spoke a thousand words. After that, she was walking on clouds for the rest of the day.
Now I wonder, when can one tell when making “the call” is really not such a bad thing? It’s been many years since I “dialed drunk”, but I’m still on the receiving side of those types of calls. There’s this guy I date on and off that has made it his mission in life to dial drunk lately. I have no problem with that, as long as it is not during ungodly hours of the night, which are the times when he apparently decides to call.
A few weeks ago (the first long weekend of the month), I heard the phone ring while I was sleeping. I immediately put out my hand and without even seeing who was calling, I answered. It was him. Here’s the conversation that followed.
Him: “Hello.”
Me: (very sleepy) “Hello.”
H: “Are you sleeping?”
M” “(yawn) Hmmmmmmm, yes…”
H: (silence)
M: (silence)
H: “So yeah, you’re really sleeping then?”
M: (another yawn) Yes, I’m sleeping…”
H: “Are you sure?”
M: “Yeah, I’m certain…”
H: (silence)
M: (falling back to sleep)
H: “So yeah, I guess I should go if you’re sleeping…”
M: “I guess…”
H: “Sure?”
M: (almost snoring) “yeah, good night…”
H: “OK then, bye…”
M: “bye”
I hung up. I don’t know if he kept on talking.
When I woke up hours later, I checked my phone ‘cause I thought I had dreamt the whole conversation (not unusual in me to have deep conversations while being asleep). Sure enough, there it was: a call from him at 5:30 a.m.
A couple of weeks ago the story repeated itself, only this time I was apparently too asleep to even hear the phone ring as many times as it did. In my dreams, I heard the phone ring once, but I was too sleepy and comfy to take my hand out there and grab the phone. When I checked later, I had 3 calls: 5:26 am, 5:31 am and 5:40 am.
Now I ask those of you who call at those hours, why do you do it? I mean, usually when this guy calls me it’s because he wants to hook up (yes, I do have a romantic life in case any of you out there wonder), but why at those hours? I mean, come on! Do you think we’re going to have a conversation at that hour? Do you think I’m just going to hop out of bed, get in my car and go meet you or hop in your car with you at that hour?
As I’ve mentioned before, I never turn off any of my phones. If you need me at any hour, I’ll be there, you can count on that. Yet I wonder why this guy keeps on calling me at those wee hours of the night/morning…
So, I leave the question for you boys and girls out there in the world. How can one tell when making the “drunk call” is good?


Unknown said...

Yo no sé. Ninguna de las veces que me ha pasado ha terminado bien. So, por eso, las veces que se juntaban alcohol-amigas que conocen mi dolor-celular-noche, lo advierto: Don't let me out of your sight. Por suerte, ahora mismo no tengo el número, o sea que no hay riesgo. Qué alivio!

Kiki A.Ortiz said...

uii yo era experta en esas llamadas...muchas terminaban bien otras no tanto..ya yo aviso q no me dejen llamar!pero no hay a quien entonce :p

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that he was also vacationing and that he loves me against his will and that he makes me stupid...errr...perfect and that even though I broke THE RULE and THE PRINCIPLE and all of those, I still stand by them all SOOOOOOO there you go :)