Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Things I like

Henry put me up to this, and like him, I could think of much more than just 25. anyways, here’s an excerpt of the things I like the most that don’t necessarily require spending any money or that don’t have any economical value:

1 Sleeping late
2 The purr of my cats
3 Making someone else’s wishes come true
4 Giving someone something that they always wanted as a very unexpected gift
5 Knowing that my parents are healthy
6 Listening to the waves at the beach
7 Receiving an unexpected call from someone I hadn’t heard from in a while
8 Being told I am loved
9 Being able to count on people
10 Taking pictures
11 Watching TV without anyone bothering me
12 Reading a good book
13 Knowing my feeling are being taken in consideration
14 Getting funny emails
15 Getting lots of good and nice comments on my blog
16 Having my work be appreciated
17 Traveling
18 Driving
19 Chick flics
20 Human contact
21 Gazing at the stars
22 Hugs
23 Kissing
24 All my geeky nerdy staff, hence being a geek and a nerd
25 Writing


henry siteber said...

Hey, Great list!!
Human contact is my favorite. That's probably because I'm a castaway working from home for years.
I'm with you on the parents being healthy.