Monday, April 03, 2006

Richie Hawtin @ the Cave or how a dj will now give birth to a blogging love child.

Well, after a f…ing week I imagined I deserved some partying (since I don’t party enough and all that).
Thanks to Pablo, I got free VIP tickets to Richie Hawtin’s concert at the Cave last Saturday night. As I like to share the wealth, I immediately invited my friend Annush to go with me (it’s good to finally have a friend that likes raves as much as I do), so we made plans for Saturday night.
Well, we really didn’t make any plans plans. We agreed we were going together, but the only thing that was said about the time of departure was “if you think we’re going to go at 2:00 am you’d better rethink that.” As the day progressed, or better yet, the night progressed, I was at home awaiting for my friend’s phone call to go pick her up. Come 11:00 pm and I still hadn’t heard from her. “I’ll give her ‘till midnight and then I’ll send her a very nice text message saying “you better not be napping, it’s midnight!”, similar to the one she had sent me the week before while we were preparing to go see Richie Hawtin at Ultra”, were my thoughts.
At 11:30 pm she calls with this voice from beyond: “Dude! You forgot about me!” Apparently she had sent me a message before getting a nap, asking me to wake her up at 10:30 pm if I hadn’t heard from her, and I hadn’t received it. No harm done, though. I went to pick her up and we immediately headed to the Cave for our party.
Even though it was a little past midnight, when we got there I was struck by the few people that were there. The last time I had gone to the Cave (when I had promised myself I wouldn’t return there), there was such a huge crowd it was actually a crusade to get in. Nevertheless, I thought, that last time John Digweed was playing and it was an Orange party; maybe that’s the reason. Besides, the people from Miller hadn’t made a huge campaign about it, maybe because they actually wanted to give the people the chance to dance and move around, so it was fine by me.
Karlanton, a fellow blogger, was playing, and he was playing good. We walked around for a while (surveying the zone and looking at cute guys). After an hour or so, we suddenly saw Richie Hawtin walk by us at the VIP section… then it started.
You remember my obsession with John Digweed? Well, apparently Annush has the same feelings towards Richie Hawtin. As soon as he went by us she walked towards him. They spoke for a couple of minutes, during which she told him she had seen him the week before on Ultra (and we danced to him as well, we’ve got proof!). He was very nice to her, even hugging her after their conversation. She came back jumping up and down with joy “Richie Hawtin hugged me! Richie Hawtin hugged me!” was all she could say. She told everyone she knew who walked past us. It was soooo funny!
Of all days, I had decided to go out on Saturday without my camera. I’m sorry dude!
Annush was so happy! I kept “lolling” the whole night! A few minutes later Mr. Hawtin was up spinning the turntables while we danced to his tunes.
Now, I thought, or at least someone had told me, that they had fixed the a/c situation at the Cave. Due to this I went to the salon Saturday morning (and spent obscene amounts of money prettying myself up), and I was not concerned about my hair going haywire. Big mistake. Do take into consideration that, as a cave, it is an enclosed space, underground, with elevated degrees of humidity and not much chance of breathing “clean” air. As usual, it was very hot and humid down there, and aside from sweating every single brand of hair on my head, when I got home even my underwear was expelling a very distinct stale tobacco smell (and my butt most certainly does not smoke). So much for my beautiful hair!
We danced and moved around all night long (aside from following a couple of cute guys). The music was good, a bunch of people arrived after we got there (but the place was still comfortable to walk and dance in). The lines at the bathrooms were everlasting, but I had spoken to my bladder before we left because I knew how the bathroom situation tends to get, and it behaved (I have now gotten into the habit of speaking to different parts of my body; go figure, but they still listen!). At around the 4th time I went with Annush to the ladies room (apparently she hadn’t spoken to her bladder), we bumped into a couple of her friends who invited us to Pablo’s (the event promoter) table in a very VIP section of the Cave. When I got there, who do I see but José Manuel, one of my buddies from work. As usual, he treated me to some Moet & Chandon, and I was greeted by a not so fresh and very tobacco-ish ventilator breeze (but still a very welcomed breeze), but it was much better than being with the rest of the crowd. I sat down (needed to mind my back, which also got a lecture before I left to the party), and kept on enjoying the music.
At 4:30 am Richie Hawtin stopped playing. He only played for 3 hours! What a disappointment! Karlanton got back at the turntables and we kept on partying. Some minutes later I was speaking with Annush when I suddenly saw Richie Hawtin standing right beside her. “Dude, look to your right!” “She couldn’t hear me so I shouted (not really, but I raised my voice a little bit) “Richie Hawtin is next to you!” She turned and again struck up a conversation with him, and eventhough the music was loud and the lights were all kinds of crazy, I saw him giving her a kiss on her cheek.
He kissed her!
The deed had been done. He had been ovulated. He was now carrying Annush’s love child (he might not know it, of course, but in 9 months he will be giving birth to a blogging little dj wearing dark glasses, headphones and piercings. And I was there when it happened!
And to think this had been planned a week ago at Ultra!
After being ovulated, Richie (I can call him Richie now, I was present during a very special and private occasion in his life, I do have the right!) left and we kept on dancing. Well, Annush kept on dancing because I sat down and enjoyed the music from my comfortable seat, next to the tobacco-ventilator. I was really, really tired (I had the most horrible work-related week ever), but I didn’t want to leave. After 6 am, Annush (who had been drinking Red Bull for some time now and was all hyper because of it) decided it was time to go. We took our sweet time in the process, and after debating whether to have breakfast (too bad Marocha was closed at that hour) or go home, I finally dropped her at home and drove to my place, where I was greeted by a very pissed Bomba, complaining about me leaving for the entire night for 3 weeks in a row.
The party was good (not great like the ones Orange does), and aside from the heat and humidity, we had a good time. Kudos to Karlanton (since he played more than Richie Hawtin did, I think the party should’ve been called “Karlanton ft. Richie Hawtin”), kudos to the guys at Miller for their organization and thanks to Pablo for the VIP tickets.

Some pics, taken with my cameraphone: