Wednesday, June 14, 2006

He said, she said

Saturday (or better yet Sunday, since it was already after midnight), when I got home after the party I was not sleepy at all, so I started browsing channels looking for something “lite” to watch and I found “He Said She said” playing.
It’s no secret that I love me my chick flicks. While watching, I started thinking about how Kevin Bacon has made the transition from “chick flick” actor to “serious” actor… but that’s beside the point of this post. This movie I have always liked and since it’s kinda old I don’t get many chances to see it, so whenever it’s playing I always watch it.
If you go behind the “cheesiness” of the movie, there’s an absolute truth behind the movie: when it comes to relationships and how men and women act, think and say things that for them might be the same but for women are just the complete opposite.
I remember when I was a kid there was a game we used to play called “the telephone”. We sat in a circle and one person told something to someone in secret. Then that person would say the exact same thing to the person next to him/her, but in his/her own words and so forth. When everyone had had their turn, everyone said out loud what they had said so we could laugh at how the initial phrase had changed from the first person to the last.
I don’t know if it’s gender related or person related, but the thing is that people might view the same thing and when they talk about what they saw they almost always end up telling different stories.
Haven’t you had friends who are a couple and whenever they fight they separately call you to tell you what happened and when you listen to their stories they don’t always match up? I’ve had countless conversations of this sort:
He: “she insulted me”
She: “I told him he was acting like a kid.”
Catch my drift?