Monday, August 28, 2006

That's the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh

A wise person once said that "the more you stir it, the more it stinks."
This blog does not approve of offensive smells.

Yesterday the Mistress Master told me I should let Democracy run free in my blog for a while. Since I am not allowed to question Mistress Master's orders, I immediately complied.
Apparently today the Mistress Master got fed up with all the "wings" floating free around here and ordered me to reinstall Bracutacracia on this blog. Once again, I am not allowed to question her orders and I must obey, because her wish is my command.
Henceforth, from this point onwards and until further notice, Bracutacracia once again rules this blog.

She also said I should start writing about butterflies. Now, seeing as apparently today I turned stupid and lost my brains somewhere, I couldn't decide whether she meant the real thing as in butterflies:

Or if she meant something like a fly hovering over some butter.

so I decided to write about both:

There once was a fly who wanted some butter
She flew and flew in search of her butter
When she finally found it
A butterfly was siting on top of it
"Oh Ms. Butterfly, can I please have some butter?"
"No!" the butterfly answered, "this butter is all mine!"
So the fly went home all heartbroken
But then she went online and found out
Bracuta had posted about her perils
And she was all happy again!

See? I can be silly sometimes as well!
(sometimes I even crack myself up)


Anonymous said...

you crack baby!!!

i meant butt hair that flies...the connection was just bad :P

-the mistress master

Bracuta said...

That's what happens when you don't use Orange...
Butt hair that flies??? Oh dear, now I have to make up a poem about them? And where the hell am I going to find a picture of flying butt hair???

Lemme see...

There once was some hair
That lived in a crack
Sometimes dirty
Sometimes dry
When wind came out
The hair collapsed
They decided to rebel
And went on a strike
The hair got pissed
And decided to fly
They got on an airplane
And went to Dubai!

(if Mr. Walters could see me now! so much money wasted on good education...)

Anonymous said...

Es bueno ser un poco "silly" de vez en cuando.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a little comic relief after some drama.
I love it when you go all comic and sarcastic. It just shows us how multitalented you are.
Hooray for butterflies, butter, flies and butt hair that flies!
Ha ha ha!

Ginnette said...

You are very silly today!! jajajaja

Alexei Tellerias said...

ay virgen... ay virgen...!