Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dear James:

(mis disculpas a los no anglo-parlantes, pero James no habla Español, así que tuve que hacer la carta en Inglés)

First and foremost, let me congratulate you on the huge turn-up for your party tonight. I know you were really looking forward to seeing me at Loft tonight and by now you're probably mad at me for not showing up, but let me explain before you get all bent out of shape for nothing.
Here's the thing.
All thru the week I was really looking forward to tonight's party. When I got out of work today I went home and, after doing some chores, I started to watch this really sad movie. While watching it, a few of my friends called asking whether I was still going to the party. Frankly, after watching the movie I was in no mood to go out and I even felt a little down.
I went upstairs to watch the sky (as I normally do every single night) and started thinking. What were my choices? I could stay home and cuddle with Bomba or I could act like a normal, young, single woman and go out to party on a Friday night. I called up Muri (we had made previous plans to go together) and after getting ready (I got really cute) I picked her up at Taboo Bamboo and headed towards Loft.
While were driving there, I got a message from a friend saying that the was party packed and it was horrible. Nevertheless we drove there, expecting to find at least a parking spot so we could see for ourselves what the commotion was all about.
Well, apparently everyone and their sister had nothing better to do tonight than to go to your little soiree. We drove around the block several times (I even saw a know van with a flat parked in the street, I just hope the owner never finds out an unautohired person was driving it and that it was left on the street against his wishes, but that's a whole other story) but couldn't find a suitable place to leave my baby. Everytime we looked at the entrance to Loft, all we could see were people that hadn't been able to go past the stairs. It looked awful inside.
I'm sorry, James, but I wasn't about to risk my integrity or that of my car to go see you play (it's not as if I even heard our music before), nor was I willing to take a chance at being stepped on, pushed at, crushed, shoved, spilled at or nothing of the sort.
And to think that my name was listed at the door and I was going to get in for free.
There was nothing left to do but go to "El Trompo", get a drink (under the watchful eye of the authorities, good thing you can drink and drive here), and head back home to the loving paws of Bomba.
Once again, I'm truly sorry and I hope next time you come back we don't have this stupid law that makes everyone go out like crazy or maybe that we have some other bigger place were we can party at.


Juan Chalas said...

yo no fui, pero me entere que ademas de k parecia la fila pa entrar al festival presidente que taban cobrando 500 en vez de 300 como decia la promo, no deberian hacer bonches en lugares tan pequeños!!!!! que lo hagan pa la playita o en la plaza marina o en otro lao pero no en un sitio con cupo pa 400 personas, ahhhh y me dijeron k taban celebrando hasta un cumple adentro jejejeje muy fuerte...........