Friday, February 09, 2007


even though i might hate it
it's always there

i try to trick myself
i try to think otherwise
but at the end it's always there

i guess i do
i guess i miss you
i'm sure i miss you

it hurts to accept it
but i miss you
although i said all those things i said
although i did what i did
although i shut you out of my life
in the worse kind of way

i hate it
but it's true
i miss you
i guess i do
i miss you
i guess i was fighting it
but it's there

i miss you
i hate myself for it
i hate it
i hate me
i hate you

there it goes
i love you

i said it
i love you

time has gone by
i love you

the last time i saw you
at that airport
where you weren't supposed to be
i love you

te amo

i can't fight it
i can't sleep because of it
and when i do, i dream of you

te amo

i hate you for it
i hate me because of it
because no matter what you've done to me
no matter what we've done to each other
i still do

i wish you'd call
i wish you'd forget my request
i wish you wouldn't honor my petition

i wish you'd call
i wish you'd show up
i wish i'd get home and you'd be there
like always
waiting for me

i miss so many things
the passion
the fury
the need
the pleasure
the pain

i'm sorry
i can't deal with it
i said it was forever
i guess i meant it

i wish i could forget you
i wish i could erase you

your smell
your taste
your touch

but i can't

i don't know where you are
but i do know where i want you to be


like it used to be
i want you
i need you
i deserve you

i guess i had too much to drink tonight
drunk or not
i still do

i've lost all my strength
i don't have any more left
i guess i don't care
all i know
is i want to shout it out

be there
like that halloween
like that weekend at santiago
like barahona
like sosua
like puerto plata
like the botanico
like your jeep
like your house
like everywhere i can think of

i need you



Joan Guerrero said...

Lo que el amor no aguanta, que la media naranja no esté cerca de uno.
Ese es el sentir más fuerte que nos puede dar.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

it was a really great poem...
lo que hace el alcohol.
que cosa tan grande eh!!
Pero na' pa lante!

Anonymous said...

o sea, booty

mistress master