Friday, March 09, 2007

And here I thought I had regained my balance...

But then I saw you
And I know you saw me
Because I saw you
And you saw me

And everytime you went by
I wished I could just follow you
And then you stood there
And I wished I had wings

And then your friend came
And he spoke about you
And I just didn't know what to say
Weren't we supposed to be where he's at?

I need you
I guess
I want you back


Unknown said...

no andas facil bracu :P

Anonymous said...

More posts while intoxicated?

Anonymous said...

well, i guess this time it's not "inside outside"


Bracuta said...

Nope. Completely sober when I wrote this one.
He was there. I hadn't seen him in a while. A long while.
I guess it kinda disturbed me.

perlacibaeña said...

Adio Bracu!

Pero y que lo que, eh? Pues en la proxima ponte los pantaloncito y dicelo! Total, no tienes nada que perder creo yo! De la manera que yo miro el amor es como lo decia la señora Quisqueya que en paz descanse: Ey que no grita, no mama!

Yo soy un Leo por mi signo sodi; y me disparo facilmente y digo lo que me dice el corazon; so por que no te vuelves una leoncita de repente y dicelo!

Digo yo!! Y suerte!

Anonymous said...

Bra's in love! Who's the lucky one?
I think he's not smart enough, he's not spending his life with you...
Wish you luck, and although I don't know who he is, I wish all your dreams come true... You deserve the best!!!

Bracuta said...

Yo no se, no. Esto es lo que se llama una lucha interna.
La conciencia me dice... y el corazón replica...
El orgullo y el miedo al rechazo son una cosa MUY grande.
El lo sabe, no tengo que decírselo. Es más que obvio.
And Claudia, sadly, you know who I'm talking about.
I guess I really meant it when I said it was going to be forever...

Anonymous said...

Oh Brac, I have my eyes wide open! I thought that was over... That's real love!
Let God lead your way.