Friday, April 27, 2007

Good feelings

You go up to your closet looking for that new red dress you bought a couple of months ago but never had a chance to wear until tonight. At a glance, you see something red and long hanging in there, pull it out and start putting it on. You think to yourself "where's that cute little scarf that goes with it?" and notice that the texture and design are not as quite as you remember them. "Whatever", you think; after all, you only saw it when you bought it and after that it was stowed away until tonight. As you're pulling it down over your body, you feel it's kinda tight around some places. "Darn! I've been losing weight! Why is it so tight today? Am I this bloated? Come on! And where is that scarf?" Finally, you completely pull it down, but now you have to zip it up. "Wait! The dress didn't have a zipper!"
And suddenly you realize this is not the dress you went looking for. You go back to your closet, have a closer look and find the correct dress in there, complete with scarf.
You come to a realization.
The dress you have on is an older dress, the one which you stopped wearing years ago because it just didn't fit anymore. One of your favorite dresses from when you hadn't gained that much weight, but were on your way.
And yet, eventhough it feels tight, you have it on... and zipped up.
And then you spend the rest of the night pulling up the strings from your new dress because it is just too loose and make mental plans to take it to your "modista" this weekend because she has to fix it and adjust it to a smaller size.
Oh yes...
It feels soooooooooooooo good!


Anonymous said...


Me encanta leerte. Todas las mananas leos el blog de Rosie O'donnell y despues entro al tuyo. Disfruto mucho los dos blogs.

Anyway, Rosie tiene unas semanas haciendo video blog entries en su blog, y es super divertido! Tu deberias hacer lo mismo. Creo que seria todo un exito!

Chequea el blog de Rosie:

Y ojala te animes a hacer lo mismo aqui en tu blog.

Love ya!


Kiki A.Ortiz said...

been there :D !jajajaja hermana yo la felicito y comparto tu alegria (full me puse contenta) pq eso si es un feeling aperooooooo!y lo mamejor de ahi es que te dan ganas de seguir y seguir hasta q el vestido viejo...te quede mas suelto!bless u!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

aww bracuta it's so nice see that you're happy you deserve it!!! congrats and keep at it!

Negra said...

Good job!! I'm so happy for you, keep up the good work.

Mr. Winch said...

I saw her in the red dress. She looked very pretty.