Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She takes after her aunt

I've previously mentioned that I'm a CNN junkie, right?
Every morning I wake up to Robin & Co. This Monday, I woke up very early to the news that we were being hit by a Tropical Storm. As I watched the show, the i-reports section came up. Robin started talking about Noel and she showed some pictures taken by a María Pereyra.
Well, that sounded VERY close to home.
Nah, I thought to myself. Mi polla can't be a CNN junkie as me.
All through the day I kept on seeing the pics on TV and wondered.
Well, mi polla does take after me.
It had been her pics! She was the one who sent them! They even called her and intervied her!
Mi polla is famous!
Her pics and interview have been published all over the world (do a Google search on her if you don't believe me!).
If you wanna see the pics, click here.
Read part of the interview here.