Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear freeloader:

Dear man (men, woman or women) without a face:
I'm sorry, but last night I had to put an end to our one-way relationship.
I know I have been providing you with free internet access for some years now (eventhough you have never thanked me for it), but apparently now you have gone and wrecked it all.
See, recently you have been logging on a lot and now you are trying to hack into my computers. This is a BIG no-no.
For the past 3 weeks or so my internet service at home has been crappy to say the least. Apparently you are dowloading a bunch of stuff and are using up all of my bandwith. And now, you are creating DHCP conflicts with my computers, which ultimately ends up disconnecting mine and keeping yours connected.
What really bugs me the most (well, you disconnecting me pisses me off), as I mentioned before, is that the other day you tried to hack into my computer (I saw your user on the network).
I'm sorry, but you crossed the line.
Ultimately, I am the one who pays for the service and I think I should be the one who ends up enjoying it, right?
So yes, since last night I have enable WAP and now you need a password to log into my wifi network.
If this bothers you or causes you any inconvenience, I suggest you go to the service providers AND SUSCRIBE TO YOUR OWN DAMN SERVICE.

Best regards,


Edwin Concepción said...

Hello you.
Long time, no see (read?)

WPA2-PSK with TKIP seems to do the trick, and a linksys wireless router/bridge with the latest firmware.

Un llamado: eeyyyyyyyyyy, eyyyyyyyy.

Edwin Concepción

annush said...

I'll tell yout his:

I have my own wi-fi connection- which I keep open btw- but I have also been known to steal other people's.

I think internet access should be available and free to everyone. No need to be stingy! Was there a line crossed when someone tried to hack into your computers? yes. That's never okay. But sharing is caring :)

Bracuta said...

Sharing is caring, but I'm paying for a service I'm not getting and I;m not getting anything in return from sharing my service.
And stealing, no matter which way you put it, is illegal and just plain WRONG.

Anonymous said...

Yo comparto mi conexión con dos de mis primos via alambrica y me conecto wireless a mi router y no solo lo tengo protegido por password, si no que tengo la red oculta.

A la gente le gusta mucho sacar ventaja y terminan perjudicando a uno. De hecho, cuando mis primos me agotan el ancho de banda (que termino desconectada, sin poder acceder a ninguna página) voy a mi router y les desconecto el cable, porque soy buena, pero no pendeja :)

Bien hecho carajooooo!

YannyRamz .- said...

Pobre freeloader; se esta robando internet entonces empieza a 'hackear' tambien, es que la gente se pasa de sinverguenza:p

Anonymous said...

annush, sharing is caring, when the person you are sharing with asks you first, and if that person respects the fact that you are the owner, not him.

I also think internet should be free, but until it is, if you want internet access, pay for it and don't steal from others. Would you share your car with some random stranger, and remain stranded?

Maryorie Nin said...

Jejejejeje... que fuerte...

R4M2K said...

Annush... sorry but the comment you made was simply a little bit moronic.

Yes, sharing is caring... I could share my internet connection with my mother-in-law, my brother, a friend or even a neighbour, but to let my network (which I pay) open to all just because... errrr... why is it again ? Ahhh yes, sharing is caring (the most I read it, the most stupid I find it in this situation) is crossing the line in more ways than you can think of. You know how I call people that use a Wi-Fi connection and leave it unprotected ? Pendejos.

WPA forever.