Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hello Absolute!

Just wanted to take the time to say hi to the guys at Absolute (Billy, Frank, Judy, Carlos, Cowboy, Griselda et al) in New Jersey for being so kind to me during my visit.
Now, remember to take care of my Tuti for me. Hug him, pinch him, bug him, annoy him... all the things you usually do and then some! Even if he puts some up some resistance, just do it! He loves it!
I hope to see you guys very soon!


Anonymous said...

Hola Eny it was great to meet you finally after all Tuti was telling us about you.Dont worry we will keep him under control while you are gone but like I said we will see you soon.Keep in touch your friend.

Absolute Auto

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you. Wish you could have stayed alittle longer. I may have to tell my husband that there is a job as a personal assistant on a Santo Domingo beach for about a week. Let me know if there are any openings. By the way no ones going to take care of Nap the way you do. Talk to you later.
P.S. Let us know when your coming back up, we'll have food ready.

Judy Pignaloso
Absolute Auto

Anonymous said...

hey we are tacking good care of your tuti i will treat him like my own little tuti sorry i didn't get 2 know u better hope to see u soon